WHO CALLED THE DJ? (Christmas Party Music for Your Day)

It’s almost time for your party and you don’t know who’s taking care of the music. Do you want music at your party? What type of music, Latin, soft classical, pop, rock, soul, romance, meditation.... The list goes on.

Did you know that that this is one of the items in planning an event people forget to do. I also have discovered this is due to the fact the choices are overwhelming. Parties tend to have DJ that will keep the mood of the party going. Although, some people prefer to hiring a live band this is most common on New Years. Here are some tips for you to help reduce the planning stress.

1. Will you be using a theme. Having themed music?

2. How many hours will you be playing music for?

3. Will there be an intermission? For how long?

4. Will you being hiring an MC for your party to keep the party on a timeline or schedule?

5. How many genres will you be choosing? Will it be years or sound?

6. How many people will be at your attending party? Where will you be placing the speakers?

here are 6 tips for the sixth day of blogmas. If you’d like recommendations for dj’s then please book a consultation appoint. I’ll be happy to help you find the right one for your event.

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