Favorite Christmas Decor

One of the things that I dislike as a the most as a meeting and event planner is not finding the decor the client likes. Decor sets the mood for the venue and the theme for the overall event. The fun of decor is to self express oneself. If you like glam then one glams up the place by adding things that shine and sparkle. Like diamond then add diamond touches throughout the building.

What is your favorite decor? Then use the decor throughout you party. No sense in purchasing items you like. The reason is you will be critiquing them the whole night. This is true for Holiday decor. Purchase one item you like and expand on the rest by using that same color and item through the house or venue.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Christmas bulbs

2. Christmas Trees

3. Stars

4. Candles

5. Snowman

6. Spheres

7. Manger

Really it is a time to break the boundaries of what you think is right or appropriate and WOW your guest. Your party should be over the top experience this time of year, if that is what is appropriate for you.

Like subscribe and tell a friend. Remember this is an opinion never to be forced upon.

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