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Christmas Tree Decorating Party

Christmas Tree

What is it about Christmas that we love so much. Could it be the air is cool and crisp keeping us awake?

Is it that people are so busy thinking about themselves that when someone says “Happy Holidays”, Merry Christmas we cheer up. Could people keep thinking only of themselves. Some call it the “Horders mentality” to make excuses for the abuse of not thinking of only but themselve. I dislike that thought? How about you?

Now what does this have to do with the “Christmas Tree Story”. Is there really such a thing? I am, He said once. What do you think he thought about it. All he was is “I am”. Do you really think there was a tree there? Was the tree in His future? Not his birth. There two ways that I personally know of at looking at this story. I grew up with one and when I got married he had another. Together we worked on our own. This is why I find this season so fun! Each person, no matter what religion has a “Christmas Tree Story”. It’s great fun to hear someone else’s story.

Here is my party theme I hope you’ll be blessed. Let me know if you like it, if you tried it and what the results were.

1. Purchase the small little trees that everyone puts on their desk in the workplace. I per guest or if its a couples party one per couple.

2. Purchase plenty of miniture Christmas tree ornaments.

3. Have your guest decorate their own tree.

4. Find a version of the Christmas Story you like best.

5. After the guest have arrived and the talking slows down gather everyone to decorate the tree.

6. Start off by reading the “Christmas Story, however don’t read the ending and while go around the room and have each person add to the story. When that persons sentence is finish then add an ornament. Each time a story is added the people add an ornament. Until the tree is fully decorated. Once completed, if you choose you can close it with the real end to the story. The other option is you record it and play back what everyone said. You have the choice of having the people at your party add a word, a phase or a sentence to the story. It can be made up or truth. Either way, they have now decorated a tree. Now they have a gift to take home.

7. As you read the stories of playback the unedited versions of a video you can make your guest feel appreciated. Serve your dessert and coffee at this time and enjoy the rest of the night.

8. Remember not everyone believes what you believe and you’ll be amazed at how funny the Christmas 🎄 Tree story will come out. If you’d like arrange to have the trees donated and planted at a local park, or business that wi willing to allow your guest to do this. Optional: you can write this information down and let your guest decide.

Like, subscribe tell a friend. Disclaimer these is the party theme of Maria Kamon and therefore not to be imposed or forced upon anyone person.

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