I know how many times have you gone to throw a party and you budget complains you can’t afford it. Is it really your budget talking or your feelings of lack of confidence. “What if” I had all the money I needed to throw a party what would it look like? The truth is it would look exactly like the parties you throw now. Why is that? You can’t think of accomplishing a goal solely thinking of money. Most likely you would purchase a bunch of items, things, decor that you like. Will they work together with the venue? Will you place them in the correct places? Will it look like those you see in the magazines or movie stars throw?

For the purpose of this blog and the topic favorite decor I painted a picture. Now I will paint it in words. Just a little humor.

1. The season is winter. The theme for your party is?

2. What colors will you be using?

3. How many guest? Children?

4. What do these questions have to do with decor? You can’t plan for decor until you know the size of the room and the number of guest attending.

The colors in the painting for example are pink, dark pink, green, blue and a touch of yellow. From that the goal would be if the painting were the focus of the party.

1. Favorite decor is flowers however these can be expensive. The more one purchases the lower the cost.

You can make them. Now there are professional paper flower makes. When I started in this business we did it ourselves. If your trying to save money do it yourself...DYI it.

2. The colors could be the color of the party favors.

3. Balloons

4. Table cloths or linen even if its paper. Match the colors you choose.

5. Classing up your event purchase the place setting with the colors chosen or rent them.

My favorite don’t have to be yours and in order to choose what is yours you must know what your goal for your party is.

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