Your so busy planning all the busy planning that you forgot all about the guest thank you gifts for the table or as your leaving. What can you make in a hurry. You only have 24 hours and all your vendors are close. You could call them tomorrow however if you do that there is no guarantee they will be able to handle it.

1. Purchase cellophane bags for a handful of goodies and ribbons.

2. Run over to Michaels and in the Wedding isle you’ll find wedding goodies.

3. Local candy stores

4. Carmel popcorn

5. Sees candy

6. Supermarket candies

7. Supermarket nuts

Gather together nuts and candies place a scoop in a cellphane bag or jar (sold in supermarkets or Micheals)place a ribbon or label printed from your computer and you have a nice little thank you give. The same goes for the other suggestions.

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Last Minute Guest Gift Ideas

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