Christmas Party Themes

Christmas Party Themes

Adults forget the joy of things due to the fact they get caught up in the reality of the party or event. I like to think of it as a Scrooge affect, however it more of reality’s than a ghost haunting. Grinch some call it. That’s why lengends have it, it is best if you see Christmas through the eyes of a child. Walk around listen to the talk a father gives a child this time of time of year. The joy it spreads, laughter and sometimes just frustration, due to the fact the parent was too focused to hear the child or pay enough attention to what the child is really saying. This happens to all adults, no since beating yourself up about it.

Christmas Party theme ideas. I just mentioned two in the paragraph above. Here are a few more

1. O’ Christmas Trees (like the song)

2. When the bell rings

3. There are the traditional biblical themes. This is a fun one with young families.

4. Snowman

5. Santa

6. Lights

7. Angels

I had to name 7 items I hear that is the magic number its before 8 after 6. Got to love those uneven numbers...

Like, subscribe tell a friend. Disclaimer this is the ideas of Maria Kamon and never to be forced upon anyone.

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