GATHER ALL WHO HEAR (Children's Party Themes)

Children Christmas Party themses

Gather all you who hear for tales of stories young and old to be whispered not misunderstood. To be passed on from generation to generation. The stories to big, to tall to smart to wise for people to believe. Stories of.... Do you understand wear I'm going with this.

Remember to make them age appropriate and no larger than an hour or two. (Snacks required) three to four hours requires a meal. Children get hungry very often.

Children love the holidays and today's blog post is themes for family's who want to have a children's party.

1. Write a letter to Santa. There are Santa post boxes in local malls.

2. Build a Gingerbread House and decorate a gingerbread man/woman to take home.

3. Ball Party okay not really a ball more like a bulb. Decorate your own Christmas bulb for older children.

4. There's always the classic children's holiday movie party.

5. Dress up like your favorite holiday spirit aka character.

Like, subscribe tell a friend. Thank you for reading this post. Disclaimer these are just ideas for parties never to be force upon anyone.

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