I want to be trendy. Instyle with all the modern things that this event can offer my guest. How important is it? Now this is a question I enjoy having someone ask me. How much do you want to pay? Is my reply. There are always some items that event planning has that are part of the standard.

Tables, chairs, table linen, place settings, glasses, food and beverage. If you are planning to DYI you should know the guest will expect you to provide for them a certain amount of food and beverage. This is usually served on some type of place setting and placed on some kind of table. If we can be in agreement with this than the argument is over.

The rest is decor. Experience, Design and the overall of how much you are willing to pay for the event. I always ask my clients. What experience do you want your clients to have from this evening? Then we get into the specific details of their event. How do you as a DYI event planner decide what to include.

1. Your budget.

2. Can you make it yourself?

3. Who will help the guest understand or use the equipment if required?

4. How much time will your guest have?

5. Will you be able to enjoy the trends your providing?

6. What will you be doing with the extra items, food if your guest do not use it completely.

Trends are fun and actually date the event to the year. Looking back will you be saying to yourself. I should of? I could of? I didn’t and now I regret? If this is what you’ll be thinking then the trend is important for you and worth the money you’ll be spending.

In conclusion, trends can be important if you are making people feel excited about attending your event. If you are wanting to entertain them. If it speaks of who you are and what you want to say to your guest.

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How Important Is Trendy Event Planning

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