Why should I have an attiditude of graditute during or planning my event. The famous now have made known bridzillas. The thought of a bridizilla as a client makes event planners shiver in their shoes. Okay, this might be an exaggerations however we all have seen the stories on TV that really upset both male and females. No one really enjoys working with a bridesilla. At one time they were called drama queens. Male or female who want everything the way they want it and throw what I like to call a tamrum when they don’t get it. Everyoone around them knows and usually professionals in the industry just wait until the person is done to then assist. They are not listening anyway.

The reason the attitude is important is there are many people who make an event happen. Even a DYI one. If you find yourself doubting. Here are some things to think about that might help.

1. Are you able to be with the people you care about on the day.

2. How would you like other people to perceive you?

3. Are you or will this moment change the outcome of the event you are trying to plan?

Think about these questions, think about this event and make the changes within to accomplish the goal. Ask yourself the question GRADITUTE Attitude affect this event.

Attitude Graditude

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