There is this tradition around the holidays we bake goodies for family and friends. Have you ever been told “Your So Cheap!” That is when you feel like the hard work of making the items for your family and friends isn’t worth it. One year I decided to price out the difference between purchasing all the goodies vs making them. Here is what I discovered. You’ll have to share with me if you try this what you discover.

First of all I want to tell you that I really did notice the difference in the way people react. We tend to equate the money spent with the value of the person. That is the biggest lie during this time of year. That money and value of the person should equal. If the person is highly reguarded they are some how in titled to our money. The other reaction is because they are highly reguarded we can take advantage of them and decade they do things for us. Both of these reactions are false. This is my argument. The ability to give a gift has very little to do with the deservablity of the gift.

1. When you receive a homemade gift, what is your reaction?

2. Are you a gracious receiver?

3. What is your value comparison? Is store purchased items more valuable than home made gifts?

This is a judgement call by the receiver of the item. It might be that the giver values home made items and gifts. This is a direct corilation with the with what one perceives the importance of the gift and not the person giving it. TRY THIS EXPERMENT AND SEE HOW WELL YOU ARE VALUED.


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