There are many local events for you and your family to attend. Now that I am writing this I wish I would have written this blog first. However, the children in your life are about to go on school break and you might be looking for things to do with theme beside shopping.

1. Christmas Store- if there is a store that sells only Christmas Items it’s fun for the children to see all they cute designs and how many different Christmas styles there are around the world.

2. Local photograph with Santa. Pick an untraditional time and take the kids to have a picture with Santa.

3. Tree Lighting- take the family to see the local parade, tree lighting ceremony or what ever you town does to celebrate the holidays.

4. I live in San Diego and some of the most beatifully decorated places to see at this time of year is the Wild Animal Park, The San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park. It is so pretty to see the lights turn on when your there. They don’t stay open super late, therefore be sure to call to find out hours of operation. Also ask about the special family holiday hour.

5. When traveling a few hours to see what is part of the holiday scene for instance visiting wine country be sure to check your app for traffic and weather conditions. Call to make sure a) if reservations are needed b) if children are accepted c) cost

Although during this time of year some things are adults only its still a wonderful time of year for families and friends. For us singles not so easy, unless we have friends that care enough to invite us. Even then its somewhat ackward. Non-the-less forward we go. No sence being sad, depressed, lonely about it. Create your own fun and break the sterotype. I find it empowering to be single. Loving what I do.

Happy Holiday. Happy New Years....Don’t forget to make your New Years Eve reservations. The Lamp district in San Diego and all the major hotels have parties going. Call around and see what fits your needs.

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