Christmas Tree

This time of year can just be a good excuse to have people over and find out what they are up to. It is a time to share with friends and family what the year has been like. A time to dance, sing, and enjoy all the blessings and non-blessing one has had throughout the year. With this thought in mind here is a party theme that is simple and fun for all who attend. Keep the food light so your not doing all the prep work or hire a company to cater the event. It’s not as expensive as you thing. Be sure to check pricing or hire an event planner to help you with the details. This just might start a new tradition.

Invite your friends over to light the tree, candles or anything you like. They must wear a silly Christmas Hat. I just walked by a bunch of them at Michaels and Target. They only cost a few dollars. The funny thing is I was thinking they were only for children and then realized we all wear silly hats on New Years why not to a Christmas party.

Have guess add a light to your tree. Either they can help put on of the Christmas lights in the tree or they can light a candle that you have around the house. Then you all watch the Christmas Tree when you light it up. Silly, simple and just an excuse to get together and say Thank You for being a friend, friendemyl, BFF, what ever trendy or non trendy name you call your people. Cause my people are not your people. Meaning I don’t know all of your friends, like you don’t know mine.

At the end of the cocktails they will all leave. Make sure you let them know its just for cocktails. This should include light food. Also please note cocktails does not have to be alcoholic beverages. If the guest needs alcohol and your not serving it then that’s their problem not yours.

Like, subscribe tell a friend. Tomorrow is the last blogmas for 2018.

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