Cordially Invited

It’s that time of year when people feel lonely. I say don’t believe it. You don’t have to buy into the lies that you are single, therefore singles must therefore be lonely. Don’t have any invitations this season? Then make your own. DYI it. That means you can create your own fun with friends. Don’t really feel like doing all the work. Then don’t. It’s a personal choice and one doesn’t have to have a perfect TV Christmas or Hallmark Christmas. There are people that are neither. Here are a list of a few possibility of things to do.

1. Volunteer to serve at a local place doing something to help others. You’d have to check to see what is happening in your own neighborhood.

2. Invite friend to go out to dinner with you.

3. Plan a early dinner at your local Resturant and then a movie. Many theatres are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Spending a couple of hours away from the apartment might do you some good.

4. Dinner for one please. There are many people who go out to dinner on Christmas and New Years. Don’t worry. Just make sure local places are open. Plan ahead so you feel in control.

5. Download a video or puchase some dvd and watch movies. You can also binge watch the TV programs you haven’t been able to watch all season. Don’t worry the people who you are employed with will problably be doing the same thing.

6. Listen to music you have always want to hear. One of my favorite things to do is to find music from other years that I have never listened to. I think there is a list somewhere of the 500 best music records worth listening to. Download and start listening.

7. Make your list for last minute shopping or plan ahead for the after Christmas sales. Don’t worry so much that you don’t have anyone to spend the holidays with. I am sure there is someone who is worrying for you. Just joking. It is really is an attitude. So what, your not with people you love this year. Maybe, next year.

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