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This blog may offend and if it does, please understand that I like you am trying my best to convey my thoughts without offending people. The truth it is gossiped all around town that the name offends. Why? That has always been a mystery to me. I do not understand why one persons name can offend so many people. Let me just take the moment to tell you that if this offends you don’t read anymore. Stop! Click the computer off and don’t read anymore. This is a free will choice and you don’t have to nor want to force this name upon you. Let me instead tell you what I learned when I was a child.

You see I was a child who loved studying. I would read anything I could read about. I spent hours trying to understand why a name could offend so many people when it wasn’t even spoken. I lived in a place where any name could be spoken. However, one day there broke out riots all over the town. There were men burning down house. Screaming people. Looters! Robbers! Theifs! All walking the streets. The schools were closed down because the robbers and looters entered there. I was shipped off to my Uncle and Aunts house. They lived far away and my mom and dad had to stay in our house and act as if driving my all these things didn’t excise. They had to be brave. I remember talking to them and crying that I wanted to be with them. They however didn’t want their daughters in danger. Although they were in danger. This began my need to understand. How can a name offend so many people?

Why is it that we humans get caught up in all the stupid things and not pay attention to the important things. When Marshall Law was implemented we got to return to school. The other kids and I would talk about what was happening and not until one day did I begin to understand what was going on. I being all of five or six years old decided to start a little business. I figured out I could double my milk money if I could purchase 10 pieces of bubblegum and sell them at school for two cents instead of one cents that I purchased it for.

Another little girl was my friend and my look out. She always got a piece of free bubblegum. Then one day she decided she wanted all my money. This was money I was saving up from the sale of my milk money. I said NO! And she punched me. So I punched her back. I will not tolerate abuse in my life. I had seen abuse all over the streets with my parents as we drove by the building that had burned down and the people injured on the street. The girl who was named (Linda) and I fought. You see there was hair on the grown, both of us had skinned knees and bruises. Scratches on our faces and we both fought over who was what. That is when I learned why the name offends. I know it sounds silly. How can a five year old understand that. I fought knowing that I had the right to believe whatever I wanted. Don’t ask me how I knew that I just did. I grew up knowing I was saved. You can’t understand the name until you understand the people he was talking too, trying to help. That’s when I (we) both got suspended plus spent the rest of the year in what they call today detention learning to read. You see there were signs posted all over the school that you couldn’t leave school during lunch and I did that anyway. There were signs saying no gum or candy in school, I did that anyway. I spoke another language and really didn’t din;t understand all the rules.

It is very difficult to talk to robbers thief’s and sinners (that’s what they are called) without offending. The truth hurts. Since Linda was a robber, the rest of the year we spent talking and trying to understand each other. Yes, our reading ability grew. So did my desire to be understood. What a difference talking to a robber vs talking to (brace yourself....Jesus) Yes, I know some people see it as dead world. He Lives! And in two days He will be born again.

Who is the robber in your life? The thief? The Sinner? The Saint? I learned Jesus is love. Then who I am....just a child before Him. Whatever religion you are test, see what happens. That lesson never left me. I wish that your lessons never leave you.

This Christmas or other holiday test me blog out. Mention His name and see who offends at your dinner table.

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