Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby It’s Cold Outside

As I sit in this warm house looking at the snow outside, I had to immediately look up the temperature! Baby, it’s cold outside. If only I had someone I could say that to. Alone, in the white of winter how amazing of a New Years this will be.

Alone by definition means: a·lone/əˈlōn/adjective & adverb1. having no one else present; on one's own."she was alone that evening"synonyms:by oneself, on one's own, all alone, solitary, single, singly, solo, solus; More2. indicating that something is confined to the specified subject or recipient."we agreed to set up such a test for him alone"synonyms:only, solely, just;

Thats not really how I feel. I alone yet not alone. Meaning the most responsible people in life are alone. They are individual with their own thoughts and abilities. Look up the word on Google and see what comes up. Alone isn’t alone anymore. The word had changed. As I get comfortable in my cozy blanket for the day and write this blog. I feel graditude that I am not alone as defined above. I am an individual with the abilities to change my lifestyle at any point I choose.

Therefore, I will “Cozy”, up in my blanket and spend the day writing the things I came up here to write. Enjoying my cup of Starbucks coffee and breakfast while I plan a day of not going outside if I don’t have too. That’s how I deal with the 4 degree tempeture I choose to be in to start my New Years! I’m in the cold. Colder than a more? I doubt it. When my father passed away, I’ll never forget I had spent the day with him since seven in the morning and was there way past visiting hours he was barely hanging on and the doctor told me to go how. He’d be okay until morning. So, I gathered my purse and coat from the chair next to me. Devastated and feeling so sad that I was walking in a haze. I got in the elevator and push the button I thought would lead me to the parking lot. The elevator must of stopped on the floor I pushed, however I didn’t get off. I was alone and dazed, just keep riding it until it stopped. When it finally stopped at the last floor I looked and I was at the hospital morge. I was num from all the day of spending it alone, waiting worring. I yelled “This isn’t the floor my car is parked in!” I then got back in the elevator and went back to the main floor where I asked for directions to the parking location. The hospital was huge and had many parking locations. The attended then told me to follow the colored line on the floor that would lead to the parking location. Very cleaver. Each parking ticket had it’s own color and whoever decided that would be the best way to find ones car 🚗 was as smart as can be. No more directions where needed. That colored line yellow, red, green, blue, I really don’t remember lead me straight to where my car was parked. The color didn’t matter.

The snow, cold doesn’t remind me of this story. The attitude of GRADITUTE I felt did. It is a knowing that people although can be bad, truly desire to be good. I got home late that night. That early morning my dad passed away alone. Was he really. I like to think not. I was there with him. My dad had fought in the war, was an alcoholic, recovered from alcoholism, was a fighter an eagle, the worse dad a girl could have. The Best Father a girl could have He taught me right from wrong and that life isn’t lived by stealing another’s dreams. It’s lived by living your own dreams. I love my dad, my Father.

On this day as I see the cold differently then those who thought it as a morge. The cold white snow isn’t cold. The attitude of man is the tempture that needs to be check. The snow is all about enjoying the beauty in nature God has provided, I think Snow Trip! Skiing, Laughter, Joy, Fun, Running, Falling in the snow and making snow angles. Trying to catch a look at the first snowflake of the season. Not becoming a flake in the snow. It’s about being myself. For all things there is a season. This is my season to sit and look at the cold snow and “Cozy” in my blanket all by myself. Happy New Year!🎊

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