Does The Diamond Size Insure Love

Engagement Ring

I at the age of 20 am different than I at the age of 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. What really guarantees love?  The movie Breakfast at Tiffanies is a good example of that.  What am I talking about? Let me share what happened to this person who plans, meetings, weddings, events for a living.

I walked into Tiffianies one day,  I looked at all the engagement rings. I enjoy staying in touch and in tune with trends in theses areas. What is really that they want. I looked for a long time at all the rings. Realizing that something happened to me throughout the years of marriage. How did I begin to equate the value of the ring with the love the man / has for a woman?  Where did that come from. are hands are fré. They can do good or bad.  We are to work with our hands and we can wash ourself from someone. What is it that is so mysterious about the wedding ring. Why do woman want some guarantee? Insurance? Are we insuring the love or the diamond?  That is one thing Tiffianies is great about they insurance their diamonds. Don’t be mistaken, they are not insuring your love for one another.

I read this article by another wedding planner that said to insure your engagement and commit to a date. The truth is I enjoy working with all ages of couples getting married. Now I have a consulting business where I can help you plan your wedding with consulting. Awesome right? I just meet with you each week and we plan what you have to do to achieve the wedding of your dream on time.  I can insure my services, however I can’t insure your love for one another. That’s up to you.

When planning a wedding you have all kinds of people that will want to test your love for one another. It usually doesn’t come from the vendors. We enjoy referrals and therefore want to do a good job for you. So, where does the testing come from? Family, friend, co-workers, preachers, church and those that intimately love you. Those that care for you. We (vendors) we provide goods and services for you to achieve your goal.

Back to what has changed. Diamonds are not a testimony of his love for you. It is a testimony of what he/she could afford. The size is sometimes in correlation with the wallet. However, do not be misunderstood it doesn’t guarantee the quality. The business has to guartee the quality. As a twenty year old I would have picked something completely different than as a mature woman. Why? Expectations. I know understand the competition between woman and men in relation to the the diamond size.  Diamond quality is what is import. The diamond store that you purchase your diamonds is what is important. I have walked into many store and tested this theory now.

When you purchase a diamond. Learn what you like before you purchase. Look at magazines articles and talk with your fiancé. What do you want size, quality, value, guarantee then find a store that provides that for you. Also get real,, it is not a guarteen of love. It’s a demonstration of what your expectations are and his attempt to show you his / her affection to please you.

I know of two stores maybe three that guarantee their diamond quality. Tiffianies, Costco and one in Puerto Rico in San Juan.  I am sure there are more. Ask and then figure out how they guartee it 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years into your marriage. Remember, it is not love. It is a way of showing his/her love for you if that is what you both agree on. I was as happy with my engagement ring on the day of my wedding as on every anniversary after that. I married a man who always asked if I wanted more, better or greater diamond. I was happy with the original. 

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