Goals for 2019

Hi there,

Have you ever sat down to write goals for the year and your mind just doens’t want to cooperate. You get up and start doing all kinds of other things. It’s similar feeling to procrastination but different. 

That is one of the reasons I developed a goals page for my planner. I am not one of those that can think of everything I want to do in one sitting. I am also one of those people that believe that goals written are a way to live ones life. The change as one goal is accomplished the other one my not have to be. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the feelings attached with the goal. If one feels like you have to do it or accomplish a goal then do so. If the goal is related to another goal and you accomplished the first and the second one isn’t nessasary then don’t take it off your list.

Make a list of all the goals you would like to achieve.

2. Write down the reason. Thats important to you.

3. Write a date you ope to accom,plush by.

Check if off when completed..

Please keep in mind this is not a project management page.  It is simply a Goals page. If you like to score points then score yourself a point for every goal accomplished. Two points when a goal wasn’t accomplished and you handled it correctly. Even if that means sulking and eating ice cream and pizza for a night as long as you get up the next morning and begin working on the next goal or change the date of the original goal. Things happen that we are not always in control of. 

if you use this page please let me know how you like it. Always looking to develop things more. Thank you.

Pages available in two sixes. 8 x10 and 3.5 x6.5

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