Goal Management Worksheet

Goal Management Worksheet

Now that you made your list of goals you would like to achieve. You can get another sheet of paper and rewrite them in calendar order. Once this is completed take the number one goal and lets break it down into smaller steps.

I now have a downloadable that you can have for free. Just log on print it and leave your email so you can be added to our mailing list. I truly enjoy know if these worksheets work for you. I want to know how many of your goals you achieved this year drop me an email and let me know. At mkpurediamondevents@gmail.com

Steps: Before you start you have to know where your going. Therefore, this is a worksheet to help you clear your thought life of any obstacles. Like meditation is to spirituality and without it you can’t move forward so is goal setting to the path you’ll walk. You can be part of a committee and not accomplish a thing unless you have some steps you’ll take to help other get to the goals. In sports they use to be called bench warmers. People who sit their and don’t play, however they have to meet and qualify like a team member. There are also people who sit on the bench and keep score.

1. List the goal and date you hope to begin and date you hope to end.

2. Now write down the step or items you know you have to accomplish in order for you to get the goal you want. Example: Purchase a house for myself, by myself. Start: January 2018. Ending date: Spring 2019. 1. Creadit Score. 2. Down Payment 3. Know what I want to purchase 4. Location 5. Loan. Things that might stop me: Loan Qualification 2. Out standing debt 3. Income 4. Pass Debt issues.

Now that I have a clear idea of what I am doing. I can try to clean up anything I need to on my own and as for help from others. I might nee help from the loan officer at my local bank. Debt relief. Attorney’s etc.

The worksheet is pretty easy. I hope you will download it and see if it helps you.

Worksheet is available in two sizes. 8 x 10 and 3.5 x 6.5.

Remember you don’t have to take these with you everywhere you go. However, you should read them daily to keep you focused on what you want to accomplish.

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