What Does Technology Have That Makes Us Upgrade

As I write my book “Wedding Planning Planner” I have had to requestion my stand or belief on many things. In doing that I have had to shop for computer. The days of IOS vs Android might be gone. However the battle continues. 

When I first started I had to carry an Android and an Apple computer for my customers. Neither wanted to use their computer at their event. They didn’t want to plug into the hotel system. I understood this. AV and technology just wasn’t the same at every hotel conference room. Many  hotels just could take it.  I’m not talking about years ago. This was 10 years ago. Thats how fast life is. Hotels having to tear down their walls do to not being able to handle the fast pace of technology and rebuilt. 

 Today I am writing a book and questioning what I am doing constantly. What is good for me. As I write I have to question all the editquette I believe in is it still applicable today? Are the way we plan weddings with technology the same as as without.  Should my planner have a snap, named or no closure. Is private private? What are your thoughts.

Do you prefer a planner with a snap closure or a band closure.


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