What Important In A Planner?

This is one of the most personal questions asked. Why? It is a very individual choice. Let me share this story with you. 

When I was just starting out my business I was asked if I planned weddings for “gay people”. The truth is since it was illegal at the time. I would refer out. Meaning I would have to find someone who specializes in that type of wedding. Yes, I am using the word “type”. I know if I use the word black, brown, tan aam I referring to the racial color? Non the less this had nothing to do with it. I am very picky about my weddings. I want them to succeed. I didn’t have the team that offered services to enhance this style of wedding. There are still weddings wedding planners today that specialize in certain types of weddings.

Today, most of the people I know are willing to plan “gay” weddings. Why? It’s leagal. If you are a specialty wedding meaning you have some need that my business might knit be able to provide. Most of the time I can find the vendors needed. What do you think about specify weddings.

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