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Like saying “Yes, to the Dress” the Bride also has to say Yes, to the cake. 

 Grandma wants Fruit Cake and is willing to pay the cost of the cake.

  Mom of the Groom wants Angel cake and thinks the Bride should pay.

  Mom of the Bride wants  Lemon, it’s yellow she says and thinks since both families will be eating its a shared expense. 

  The dad thinks what the heck we will just take the grooms cake and start debating the sports theme, or alma mater.

   The bride the groom ask how does one make this decision after all it is our wedding. 

This is where the wedding planner comes in and complicates things in order to simplify the argument. Wedding cakes are sold by the slice she says. How much are you willing to pay for a 🍰of cake? 

The couple then goes home and once again start taking about how money matters. They tell themselves our love for each other will get us through the planning. They return to the wedding planner tell her their budget and from there they begin the process of shopping. Shopping cost money, this affects the budget. Will you want the wedding planner at all the tastings she ask as she sets the appointments.

It’s a new age, the wedding planner says. You no longer have to stick with the the tradition of a wedding cake.  You have choices. 

You can purchase a smaller cake than the number of guest and offer other desserts.

You can make each layer a differ flavor and let the person who is requesting the flavor pay for it. Making sure that on the wedding day, they are seve the slice of cake they paid for. Making sure of this means you’ll have to pay a staff person. Costing you money. You can add that to the cost of the cake they will be purchasing for you.  You can also give them the left over cake. Making the top cake the bride and bride and grooms favorite.

You can serve cupcakes 🧁.

You can make an area in the reception  where you have an all you can eat dessert. Serving everything but cake.

Now do you understand the importance of a good wedding planner? 

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