Relentless Determination On Being Diligent

I struggle with the thought of knowing my imperfections. How I desire to be perfect. How I desired to be understood only to discover the self reflectiveness of that thought. What is it that makes us different than others in the same perfection? Is it our looks? Our ability to care for others? Our ability to want to succeed? For years I like many other people, teachers, lawyers, doctors, non-professionals, the people who work 9-5, those that work different shifts struggle with imperfection. As a parent my imperfection showed the most. I would at times be angry with the reality I wasn’t enough. I wasn’t smart enough, cute enough, perfect enough to raise a child. Yet, I had them. What was I thinking? I was thinking I loved every minute of being a parent. Wouldn’t ever change a thing. It is a time I learned the most about life, kindness, the world. You see when your a parent....I mean really a parent you see things as they do. Once you have seen things as a child again after living a selfish adult life, you realize the imperfectness of humans. I am realizing more and more the struggles people have today is the struggle that happens with maturation. Who is responsible for teaching your child that their are people who are different? If you teach them this and they venture into the unknown world of imperfection will they ever look at you the same? It is relentlessly seeking to make the world a place we can all live in peace that is the impossible task. What brings this subject up. The struggles that many of us have experience and that our youth is seeing for the first time, due to the fact we have had leaders that protected us from war, famine, poverty, abuse, inequality, injustice. There is now this battle of sex, that honestly the majority of people in the world don’t know what to do with it. It exist, however we don’t want to acknowledge it. We by this I mean (people) are fallen. We all are imperfect. If I say things about you that are ugly, then the reality of my ugliness won’t show. You’ll be to busy listening to what I am saying to react appropriately. Who’s responsibility is it to explain these things to children. Parents are responsible and when they don’t they are blamed. Who’s responsibility is it to keep the children’s safe...parents and when they don’t they are blame. What if the parent didn’t know how to teach the child all these things that are different than themselves. Are they still blamed? It is a relentless determination on being diligent to be oneself that is so difficult. Let’s face it. You can’t teach everything to your child. That’s why we count on professionals to help us along the way. Still this doesn’t prevent our children from experiencing things they shouldn’t or seeing something they didn’t want to or people telling people lies about them. What brings this to mind one might ask. The local battle of what should or shouldn’t be taught in a library San Diego has. The endless battle of how do we treat people. It is all of our responsibility. I could encourage a bride to go over her budget, however I don’t. It happens anyway. I could encourage a client to purchase more photographs then they need, but I don’t. It happens anyway. I could yell rumors about you to make myself look better than you, but I don’t. Why? I have to live with the consequences of who I am. I have to live with the consequences of my life. Who am I? That is what we all struggle with when our children struggle with adult issues. Who are you? I am Relentless Determination On Being Diligent to be myself and live accordingly to my belief system as a woman, believer, person, mother, daughter, professional. Again who are you? 

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