From Tween To Woman

I think this collection for Chanel is very today! It offers something for every woman. From Tween to Woman fully grown Chanel has something every could wear no matter what your age is.

I have to tell you right away, I was disappointed she didn't include a wedding dress. however, that has just as much to do with the industry I am in as much as I love seeing how Chanel design affect the other designers within the industry. One can see the Chanel influence in bridal dresses and other clothing. You just have to look. That would be my only complaint, as if that were a complaint. The truth is there were plenty of dresses that can be worn to prom, formal gatherings to even becoming a bridesmaids dress, if the bride was designer savvy.

If I where to choose one fashion that surprised me the most was the use of tweed. The variation of style, some that I never would have thought of. From long to short this sprint gives a new look to the traditional Chanel suit. I can't wait until I see young and old wearing her clothing. Enjoying the shorts, maybe some would call hot pants I think a pant suit is a class act for a woman and men.

While you watch the video don't forget to look at all the accessories, from necklace, tights, shoes, hair makeup Chanel's models are beyond the average woman. However, I know what their cosmetics do for my skin, therefore I understand how practical Chanel product are. I'll be shopping early this spring. By the way, can you make a book that will fit over the pants leg as well as look good with a long skirt?

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