10 Best Gifts Under $150 Dollars Holiday Season 2019

I would like to first say that you are under no obligation to purchase these products. These are items I think are unique, making them interesting/unique gifts to give. I will write a luxury gifts blog soon. You can listen to my podcast MariaKamon@mkpde on anchor. https://anchor.fm/maria-kamon-mkpde/episodes/10-Top-Gifts-for-Under-100-Dollars-e9605t

  1. Theatre ticket. It can be for a local movie or the actual theatre to see a holiday play, opera, concert, children’s theatre. Something that would treat the person to a dress up night out.

  2. I chooseHello Fresh because of the pricing for each meal of $3.49 per meal. Therefore you can customize the order. 2 meal minimum plus number of days per week Visit http://hellofresh.com

3. Door Dash Visit http://DoorDash.com for details. I choose this due to the fact that sometimes I get home from work and have food in the refrigerator to make. However I don’t really want to. This is from burgers to healthy food at your door within minutes.

4. Cooking Class: For all those that have children or know of a child who is at the age that needs to learn how to cook. You know somewhere between middle school and before they go to college. I would like to suggest for all of the San Diegians listening Sur la Table. However, William-Sanoma has wonderful and exciting cooking class. Not only for the young, for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their skills in the kitchen. Visit http://william-sanoma.com

5. For Pet lovers there are these new things to make being a dog or cat owner a little more classy. My favorite this year is a Poopie Bag by Pink Papyrea visit http://pinkpapyrea.com. Also JC Pennies has some cute pet items this holiday season. For other pet items Petco would have other pet items available.

6. Healing vibe. This was one of my favorites this year. I like reading what they stand for. Believe in the healing spirit is a good for all of us. Soul Ku infused with love, song and prayer. Visit http://urbangirlassoceries.com

7. Christmas and other Winter Fest in Del Mar Highland Town Center John Evans and Allison Reid Bookstore there are books that would make great gifts. Check out what is near you. I would recommend “Great-British Baking Show. Look for your favorite. Visit http://dieselbookstore.com

8. I really think this one is trending right now. “Adventure Backpack” I think anyone would enjoy this one. When I believe and you guys correct me if I am wrong. Perfect for the Middle schooler through college age. They also have other amazing things. Visit http://adventurebackpack.com

9. Whimsical Reindeer Felt Wine Topper This cute little reindeer sits on the top of the whine bottle. Yes Pottery Barn has many cute and whimsical items for the holidays. Visit http://potterybarn.com If your not sure about these then look up Etsy at http://etsy.com for other creative decorations and felting items. Plus lots of other holiday gifts.

10. This one is one of my favorites. Not only cause it is fun for the gifter, also it is unique gifts for the person receiving the gift. Visit your local museum and see what unique gifts they may have available in the gift shop. It’s a win win. A unique day for the person who gets to visit the museum and a beautiful unique gift for the person receiving it.

Happy Holiday. Check back for my list of top 10 Luxury or Extravagant Gifts available this Holiday Season 2019.


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