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I have been asked many times. What products can I use on my new @MKPDE Planner? That is one of those questions that I always have to think about. Planners are paper and it depends on the writer and what they like to write with. This too is one of those things that most people go through while they figure out what is their favorite writing instrument.

Some people prefer, fine point while others prefer medium point, yet others prefer a more wide look. This has to do with the development of writing tools. Once in the old cave days they used rocks and vegetables colors for ink. Then this changed to more sophisticated tools as man developed their learning skills. If you don't believe me take a visit to your local library and read about the development of tools and fine writing instruments. It's fun to learn about new things.

One of the fun things to do whether you're a child or adult, using a professional planner or a school agenda, journal or planner is to test the paper and see what types of writing tools work best. I always do this in the back page to see. Even the @MKPDE Planner paper doesn't preform the best with all types of writing instruments. I like you have my own favorites and one of them is Crayola Pencils. I hope you'll enjoy using them in @MKPDE Planner for 2021.

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