2021 Weddings Three Helpful Tips

Trends, trending, the latest the greatest. What's really happening. The usual people fall in love, people fall out of love and somewhere in the middle is marriage. A time when two people fall in love and decide they can make and want to make a commitment to one another. Ya Ya Ya...we know that now what is really happening.

An industry that got STOP is now back in business. Here is my recommendations.

  1. Bridal Stores might not have exactly what you want since they have been close. Look for something you like rather than something in season or trending. Forget labels and purchase what you like.

  2. Florist were allowed to stay open, therefore prices and florals should be available. If you are spontaneous then look for the local florals in your neighborhood or that are grown by local growers. Just a little research on the internet and you'll do just fine.

  3. Caterers are in high demand now and might be booked way in advance therefore I recommend thinking out of the box. For example some people are having their formal dinner the night before with family and close friends, and then just having refreshments at the reception. Allowing caterers to be book other days than the traditional days. Plus with the Covid19 changes all the time easier to control.

I recommend you employ and planner someone who will help you with all you need to know and help with any rules that might change on (Covid19) front.

Congratulations, and Best Wishes!

For More information contact MK Pure Diamond Events.

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