Band of Gold

What is the meaning of a "band of gold". I looked back in history for it's meaning. As I search for reference photo's I discovered not everyone understands what a band of gold is. This unbroken circle.

As simple as it sounds. A band of gold is a commitment between two people. It is normally a wedding commitment, however with Covid19 it can be as simple as two people say, they commit to one another. They can meet with a judge and profess to one another and accept what the court considers a marriage. They can go on-line fill out the paperwork show up in court and have the judge speak the words of commitment to them. Maybe, a friend attended on-line school received the paperwork that they are now able marry a couple, sign the paperwork. Zoom it and just get it done. "Check list" "to do list" checked, Done.

What really is a "band of gold. "Plain yellow/white gold wedding bands are usually considered the traditional form of the wedding ring. These rings became popular because of their simple and practical style. ... Rose goldis said to represent love compared to white gold representing friendship and yellow gold which means fidelity.

Whatever you choose with your other. Understand that the meaning to society is not the meaning you both make to each other. That is what stand throughout all time. Your words. Stand true to they own self. Know what your mean and intend when you say "I Do!"

Band of Gold

A band of gold

binds two forever,

or at least that’s what they say

It is the bond of love,

never to be broken,

until their dying day

It is there to unite two,

making their love strong,

at least what they say.

For those who have felt,

how true this statement be,

know the true meaning of the band of gold.

David Hunter

Now you can defend what it means for you in your marriage.

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