Bridal Gift's Worth Buying

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I'm back. I finally was able to change the blog to the updated version on Isn't it beautiful. You see I prefer shopping in person. However, with the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order and the new rules and regulations I decided to shop the old-school way. What's that? On-line. I figured since everything changes so fast here in San Diego, the new is now the old... That's internet light. So fast that today's app is old tomorrow. Oh well, right. Do you know what a well is? How many wells and types of wells are there in San Diego and are we protecting them. Enough about my woes. Let's talk about the woes of today's wedding couples. With the complexities of marriage, zoom, webinar and guest a far. I thought I'd do some research. I spent some hours yesterday, visually on-line shopping for wedding gifts. From practical to the unpractical. Here is some of the fun things I found on-line.


  1. To The Happy Couple. (E Gift Card $10-1000)

  2. Windsor Serving Set. ($245.00)

  3. 5 x 7 Our Story Lismore Essence Crystal Frame ($175)

  4. Baccart Massena Barware Collection ($190-990)


5. Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven ($190-349.99)

6. Goodful by Aero Harvest Countertop Garden & Gourmet Herbs Seed Kit (189.99)

7. 19 Bar Marker with Wood Finish Handle (499.00)


8. Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr, Mill Grinder-Stanless Steel BVMG-BMH23. (39.99)

9. Presto 8qt Nomad Traveling Slow Cooker. (69.90)


10. Arctic King Premere 34 oz 34 Bottle Wine Cooler (219.99)

My apologies to the stores not mentioned here such as JC Pennies, Bath, Bed and Beyond, Sears, Pottery Barns. I will write another blog post about the items you have as wedding gifts for brides and grooms.

My Personal Recommendations:

A wedding gift is something you give someone because you believe in what they are doing.

A wedding gift is something you give someone because you are invited.

A wedding gift is something you give someone because it's traction.

A wedding gift should bring the giver joy.

A wedding gift should be at least the price of one person attending the event. If the dinner cost the couple $200 and your taking 2 people you and a guest are eating $400+ worth of food and drink. Therefore, you should be willing to purchase a wedding gift worth at least the price of one dinner.

A wedding gift is something you would like for yourself, however you would not purchase it for yourself.

A wedding gift is something that the couple dreams of owning.

A wedding gift, when the list (gift registry) is all purchased a gift card is best from the store the couple registered at.

A wedding gift is only a half too for the non-participants in the wedding since they are spending money to be in the wedding. However, the wedding party should still consider a gift. Sometimes it's best to purchase something together. It you can't afford it, its best to respectfully decline the invitation.

Those are my personal thoughts. You can decline to receive this advice. It's etiquette, not personal.

If you'd like more practical advice, or wedding consulting I'd love to meet with you and discuss further.

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