Business To Event (Five Tips To Help Your Planning Process)

Your business is planning an event. You're excited about getting things back to normal. There are some new things in apps and in the world that might help.

  1. In the planning process, you will most likely have to have several meetings. Budget, decor, implementation dates, and all the other details. Take a look at Motiv and see if this app will work for your business.

  2. Make planning a combination of both online meetings and in-person meetings.

  3. Keep these meetings short and to the point. The more you have written down the better it is in the planning process. This makes it easier for people to understand and follow along.

  4. Try not to micro-manage your people. Let them work freely, encourage them to manage their own time. This will help them in the maturity process. Successful leaders help their employees mature in the process of business and to think beyond their capability. This type of maturity is not age-related it is more critical thinking skills development.

  5. When you are close to the date of the event, have a detailed meeting making sure everyone knows and understands their role as an employee. This is a good time to set your standards for dress code, behavioral contact, and overall expectations. Sometimes the employee needs to hear how much you appreciate them and are trusting in their ability to get the job done.

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