Dating the Guy In the Paper Closet

There is a time in every office worker's life where they learn the paper closet.

We took turns getting our supplies from the paper closet. I was one of those that was so frustrated when I walked in and it was messy. The sectartary to the executive was in charge and she never had tine to clean the paper closet to busy, doing what she was told as the executive sectuartary. I discovered that I wasn't the only one upset about a messy paper closet. We took a entire afternoon coming up with a plan to keep the closet clean and help each other stay on task. The first thing we came up with was a way to figure out when things needed to be order. (supplies) This is when I discovered the beauty of power in the paper closet and suddenly a little at a time we eliminated the things that didn't allow us to be efficient. There is one thing I remember the executive that I was employed for loved and that was efficiently. We also lerarned how much supplies we went through in a year. Much to my surprise if you don't have an efficient closet you don't have an efficient workspace. I also learned a whole lot about pricks. Those little things we stick in the wall to let other people read our messages on bulitten boards. Not everyone chose to participate in this process. If you were willing to learn, then the executive I worked for was willing to teach.

The one thing were were all started was a planner. We each took turns figuring out our system and that took planning.

Those involved purchased the supplies they needed first. You guessed it. I purchased a planner. Where I wrote down every date the budget allowed us to order supplies. You bet I had my dates ready. That's one of the most important dates I ever had. Learning to date the "prick" in the office supply closet. That guy made me so efficient I got noticed by the executive. At @MKPDE Planner we don't guarantee you the same experience I had with the "prick" in the closet. What we do wan't you to know is you'll have a place to write it all down and know how many times he's actually pricked you.

Who knows he might even show up to meet you. Just joking. You know what I mean. Knowing how to be efficient is important. That's what @MKPDE Planner is striving for our success to help you be efficient in what you do.

This is a blog story, not to be taken to extreme or literal. Written for the purpose of selling @MKPDE Planners 2021

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