Earth Day

There are many things that claim Earth. There are earthenware product however there are also eco friendly earth products. MK Pure Diamond Events has some recommendations for your next wedding, meeting, event.

  1. Rent the place settings, glassware, silver service for your event.

  2. Rent the linen that can be used for your event tables.

  3. Find local wines and beer companies that will recycle or reuse their bottles.

  4. Find a business or others that can reuse the catered food. Since not all local homeless shelters can accept the unused pre-cooked catered food. Ask if you can donate it to employees, or servers. They would enjoy the good food and this way not as much food goes to waste. Since it can not be recycled due to health codes and life of the food.

  5. Catered serving dishes can be used again and the caterer should provide this. These are very important ant if using

  6. Floral arrangements: These can be made in recycleable containers. They can also be donated to various business around the venue. You'll have to instruct them time and location to come pick them up. If you'd like you can announce to the guest to take an arrangement or two home with them.

  7. Rent things like a photography wall or Photo Booth.

  8. Entertainment should be able to clean up their own mess. If you are using your mix music be sure to get it back mp3 device returned to you.

  9. Any other decor such as table assignments, gift table, guest book, arch decor someone from the wedding party, evert person should be assigned to pick up and clean up.

  10. If it's a wedding, be sure to make arrangements to have your earth friendly wedding dress dry cleaners. There are cleaning service that will happil pick up the dress at your come have it cleaned are returned to you. The sooner it is cleaned and sealed the better it is for your dress. Tux Rental companies will want their rental returned a day or two after the big day, so make sure someone is assigned to the task before leaving for your honey moon.

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