Free Style Marriage

It's 2021 and we don't have to marry. Lets face the reality it is something heterosexual did to profess their love for one another. A promise the made they would love and honor, whatever your wedding vows said to each other. What does that really mean today? Do you know the biblical or religious meaning of marriage?

Today most people live together and don't want to make a lifetime commitment to each other. "It's too long term have to live in the moment is most often used as a reason for not finding someone to marry." "The other reason I don't who I'll be when I get older. What if I don't like that person. " The reasons haven't changed, throughout the times. Different words same meaning. Good reasons not to marry I believe although sticitics tell us that the rate of co-habitating is less today that it was in 1995 when 58% of people over the age of 18 where co-habitating.

Today, the statistics are down to 53% of people over the age of 18 are co-habitating. Why the change? Why not continue they free style of lifestyle choices? I personally believe it has to do with the change in the laws. Free style isn't free, when you look at the lifestyle. We re-difined marriage when the laws for gay or same-sex partners changed. I believe this allowed people the freedom of choice to define their marriage. Marriage became less of a have too and more of a choice.

With the change came the freedom to allow people to raise a child without the other partner. "Single parenting" is now acceptable, this ability to choose will also lower the divorce rate. What happened with that is that teen who get pregnant have the option to choose not to abort. The stigma of being a single parent isn't their and they see "life' as important again. We put so much pressure on people, that we don't allow them to make the right choices for themselves. "The abortion rate in 2017 was 13.5 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44, down 8% from 14.6 per 1,000 in 2014.1 This is the lowest rate ever observed in the United States; in 1973, the year abortion became legal, the rate was 16.3.2" ( This is a tickle affect. Like a rock skipping on a pond it ripples the water and makes things better for some. However, it created problems for people who had been married for a while. That stood on biblical principles. How do they define their marriage now. Many are rediifing themselves others choice to divorce. We will see in time what happens.

Today, the concern is for our old. Are they dying too young? What? How? When? Where? Why? Did this happen. Are we beating our own selves with the principals we believe in? If this is what is happening then we need to help our youth with their older adults. Allowing them the ability to grow old. Im not sure if we need marriage classes for single parents or what form of help both our old and youth need. The split between governments choice and biblical choices are increasing, this is the cause for concern and why people are called to be politically active. Are we tearing up our fundamental believes? The United States and the first few "Presidency" stood on Principles of Christianity. All we are doing is fighting to change these principles that made of strong. Therefore, we are creating, changing and free styling the fundamental belief system of it's people. Like free styling a marriage. Two make a marriage the third redefines what marriage is and changes the rule. Do we really understand the depths of how marriage changed when the government changed it's definition of marriage? Marriage and commitment are two different things. That's the question I live you with in the blog.

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