Getting Ready For The Party

Much to do about nothing. How I use to get stressed out for the Holidays! What planning events have taught me. When, What, Why and How I focus my energy and what I believe is the most important facts about party planning during the holidays. Your having the family over and have to plan. Focus on: What’s the plan. The plan is usually I don’t have a plan. It’s a “pot luck” everyone brings a dish and we all have to eat what arrives. Here are some suggestions for planning a simple party. Even the simplest of events such as “Pot Luck’ need planning. Make a plan to not stress by having a plan to succeed. What do you consider a successful party?

Since it will be at your home this year. I have chosen to have a quiet holiday season. Here are some things that might help you!. It is important for the person having the party at their house to understand guest ediettqutte and what the guest expect of the hostess. (The person who is providing their home for the party.)" Unspoken expectations can ruin a party just as much as overselling the party. Promising something you can't deliver.

  1. Know the Date, Time and duration of the party."

  2. Know what you expect of your guest. Do you expect them to be on time? Here's the difficult part. Mainly due to the fact people will think your bossy or controlling. However, you have the right to control what happens in your home. Therefore your allowed to tell your guest where to park, what to bring and what you expect from their behavior. How to dress. "Formality of the party." When things are defined it is easier to allow yourself the freedom to know weather you agree with the expectations or not. Once that happens your guest and yourself can meet each others expectations. Which makes it a success for both. A win Win situation. This makes both people feel good about the event. If not one person will feel like they ripped off.

  3. Know what type of party your having. You can any of these or all of these in one party. Knowing the type of party will help you plan the amount of time the guest will spend. Talking, drinking and if you have too much time to fill you can add things like board games, movie, phone games, video games and even corn haul. Allowing people to entertain themselves. Yes, even adults get board with a party that all there is is small talk and gossip. Here are some suggestions. Since we know it is "Pot Luck" it is centered around food.

a. Cocktail Party

b. Appetizer Party

c. Dinner Party

d, Dessert Party

Having a "Pot Luck" Dinner Party and you know the number of people attending you'll have to decide how many people will be brining what part of the dinner. If your doing all yourself then I recommend you take into account for example how many appetizers your guest will eat. How many beverages each guest will have. You'll have to figure out this for all four parts of the dinner and assign it to your guest. Then you'll have to anticipate what guest will not bring their assign dish and provide it allowing your dinner party to be a success.

I personally discovered that the easiest and most success that I have ever had in a "Pot Luck" Dinner party is when I provide the main dish and allow the guest to bring the appetizers and dessert. I also have discovered that depending on what I want to serve for dinner it is sometimes more economical to employ a caterer than try to make all the food myself. There are also your local restaurants that have a catering menu. There are some wonderful options out there. You just have to price them to see what works with your budget. Do your research and don't leave it to the last minute. It tales planning to have a successful dinner part. There are some grocery stores that also offer a catering menu visit the deli section and see what they offer.

You probably already know this. However, it's worth mentioning. Little snacks for children available throughout the house will help children munch on things that you choose verses the adult food and alcoholic beverages. This doesn't always work, you must watch your children throughout the night or have someone assigned to watching them. I discovered that I could ask my friends to watch them if I knew I'd be busy. I also moved the furniture around so the children would have their own place to play. This helped the flow of traffic in my home as well as allowed a room for the parents to watch their children. A plate with things children like to munch on like cheese, crackers, lunch meat, makes it easy for their little hands to hold onto and doesn't leave to bad of a mess. These items were stretigelly placed throughout the house.

Treat yourself. (If your budget allows, I like to call these argument saviors.)

  1. Hire someone to walk around and clean up after your guest.

  2. Hire a bar tender who can help make drinks and watch people who are getting druck, allowing you the ability to call an Uber or Taxi for them.

  3. Hire a clean-up people. Even if you are the one that cleans the party up. Hiring someone a few days later to clean the things you're too tired to clean really helps keep everyone happy. Allowing you and your family to heal. That's what I call it. I think it is more like energy recovery.

I hope this blog answered some of your questions of Who, Why, When arnd Where...The for basics of beginning any good event.

What ever you choose to do MK Pure Diamond Events would love to help you plan your event. Sign up today for online consulting.

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