Happy New Year 2020! Welcome 2021

There is a myth that we are all just one in the heaven. I think to myself about all the people I have met throughout my life time. Who would I be happy to see in the heavens again and whom would I be happy never to see again. There are those people. I take a moment to ask you. Who would you see in the heavens and whom would you prefer not to see? Is there anyone that you have requested to be there on judgment day and become a reminder of what they have done to you and yours. We all have those type of people. Big, little, fat, skinny, black, white and everything in between. There are people who have we are grateful to have met and those not so grateful for. No matter who those people are we have to give them credit for. They shaped our life and our futures with or without caring for the individual. That's what this time is for to reflect on the future of ourselves as we countdown to 2021.

The holidays are a time of reflection. This year in particular with all the changes we have experienced. We have experienced so many changes that we ourselves don't know what will happen. From our children having to stay home to lost of employment.

Who is to judge the unemployed the down hearted? Many don't believe the Internet has changed the lives of people that streaming doesn't affect us. Just look at all the "Global Change" We have gone from request of the "moon shots" to request of "earth shots" Are we sending out children to "Saturn" to live instead of keeping them on earth. Where does the future of "American" lives belong. I ask this due to the election year. I don't know any more than you do. I do know that there are truth tellers in the world and liars. Who we listen to and how we choose to live our lives is an important choice individuals have to live with. There are many things that we choose as individuals and then blame others. Who is to say," I spoke truth?". Do you think the others would say, "I spoke lies?". This is when we become thankful, grateful, appreciate others along the way. When we realize consciencely what and whom has helped us.

As we gather around the Christmas Tree (for those that don't bring a tree into the house) when we gather with those we love ask yourself. Happy Holidays!

  1. What does this season mean to me? Us? My life?

  2. What message do I want to leave with my love ones?

  3. What traditions are important with my family?

  4. What traditions aren't?

  5. Will I have to share the holidays "streaming"?

Then like cleaning a closet do what is right and good for yourself this year. I don't know what I'll be doing. I just know that in this so called "new life". I am doing my best to stay true to my believes. Even if I have to spend the holidays alone. For New Years however you choose to spend it I recommend you start now in informing yourself on what you'll need to do.

  1. Is the venue open?

  2. Do I need reservations?

  3. Do I need to pre-pay to guarantee my reservation?

  4. Will you bee drinking alcoholic beverages?

  5. If you are drinking then you don't want to have to drive. Therefore, what will you be doing as transportation?

  6. Do you need a hotel reservation? Transportation reservations? Transportation reservation and what if your choice of transportation is booked. What will you do then?

  7. I believe this year more than ever it is important to have a second plan in order. "Backup plan'. Due to all the changes that happened. Just think it through.

  8. New Year's is such a fun time. We as "American's" go through this every year. Let go of the old and in with the new. Happy Holidays! Happy New Years!

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