Holiday Party Themes 2020

Be Advised we are still under Covie19 rules and regulations and it is advised by our government that people not have parties, unless they fall the rules and regulations of local city. Look up what the rules are at your local city.

With that written, there are some very cool party themes that you can create at "Home" with your own supplies. You can also find some of these theme ideas carried out for purchase for your home on-line.I did look around our local stores as will as on-line for these themes. They are not something I came up with. I researched what is happening this year. I did my research and looked in actual party retailers to see what they are offering for purchase this season.

  1. Elf theme: I hope there is a new movie to this theme. To tell yo the truth there are the cutest little elf decorations and I think this one would be a good one for families and adults. Who doesn't think elf are cute and fun to watch on TV.

  2. Packaging. This one was rather a surprise. However, while I was doing some researcher I discovered a company that is producing props that are pacakages. With differ tables. "Fragile" "Beware" "Handle with care" I though with all the on-line shopping this would be such an easy thing to create. They even had a photo booth style for people to stand in front of and photographs themselves.

  3. Nutcracker: This one is for local: Not so much as a party theme as something you can do during the holidays with your family. There are also some fun decor you can create at home. We have two ballet companies in San Diego, three if you count the California ballet. Tickets are now on sale. Three different renditions of the ballet are in this season so be sure to do your research on which version you'd like to see.

  4. Gold Disco Ball: This is the funniest one. You purchase a gold disco ball and let your guest do the rest, see what happens. You can place it somewhere in your home, light it up and see how people react. If you want to go the extra length add gold decor.

  5. Zoom Party: I think this one is pretty fun and safe for all of the participants. everyone has their own planning and when its time to get together you all zoom into each other.

  6. White Elephant or Pink Elephant: I believe this one would be lots of fun with your guest especially if you combine this with Zoom party; Find something you don't want or aren't using-ship it to someone on the party list and once a week you gather together Zoom and open the gifts, then trade and mail it to each other or drop it off on each other's doorstep. This will take some coordinating and making sure you know who is exchanging with whom. However, it could be lots of fun.

  7. Gift Certificates: This was popular a few years ago and now it's back. You can email each other a food gift, or retail gift from a local vendor. I personally think this is a fun gift that everyone can enjoy. It can be as simple as a dinner out or a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop.

  8. Stay Safe Promotional Gifts: There is a lot of things to created out there look up crafts to make with the family on YouTube videos. There are also items you can purchase and I found a business who sells "Stay Safe" items. These can be a cute little exchange gift with friends. It's a creative way to get the message across to friends and family.

As the holidays draw closer, remember it is not about the marterial things people give you or how much the items cost. It is about letting them know how much you can for them. I would like to state again this is not a sponsored blog and I am not making any money off the mentioning of these themes. My intent is to encourage you to enjoy your Holiday's regardless of your religion, color of your skin, or sexual orientation. (Have to laugh at myself cause I know it's not said like this anymore.)

Stay Safe Stay Home and enjoy your holiday season.

If you are a producer or manufacture of these products and would like MK Pure Diamond Events to represent your business or brand. Please feel free to use the contact form and someone will reply.

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