Themes For The Holiday's

As I sit here listening to "Relaxing music" I can't help but think to myself, how many snippets of Christmas past. From acting out the most difficult of season in my family to embracing the love children and old people bring to the holiday table. All of these experiences made me who I am today. "How lovely are your ways." Truth be told. When your no longer at the beginning of live and not at the end, this is when you have a moment to realize the truth told. I am so grateful for all the times my life has been difficult. Graceful for all the times my life has been easy. Today, I love the idea that because our government said : "No we can't travel, we have to stay and have the holidays at home". It's not to be mean or cruel or hurt us. It's to help. Do I believe everything? No. Do I believe that the government is for it's people? Yes. Foundation. Know your foundation and you will know truth.

I thought I'd share a secret or two about decorating. It all starts with ?

That forbidden work that makes some upset and some rejoice. A war on the news that has lasted 20 years or more. Who knew that we can beat an issue so much it can not be resolve. I have no answers just observations. Computers continue to be the topic of conversation. Are they better for children than learning in the classsroom? The battle between how much time is healthy to spend on the computer or playing video games is something my parents didn't battle. If we where to loud to noisy, they told us to play outside. If it was too late at night we had two choices. Read a book or sit down with them a watch a movie. Then the choices were even more limited. We had to watch what was on TV, there were no multichannel selection. The choices today are complex. Parents and children can be overwhelmed with choices. The truth is keeping life simple in a complex world has become difficult, the truth is that part has never been easy. You'll find the right answers for your family. This year, this brief moment. I hope you'll find some solutions that you can embrace to make your life simpler, with less stress, with less complications in the planning of your holiday. Not all holidays look alike, not all people feel the holidays are enjoyable. Therefore, our empathy, sympathy, and overall companion for humans and animals need to be of the highest priorities with human beings.

Holiday With Your Family should include some organization, however not so much that people feel your bossing them around and they can't relax and enjoy them time together.

Here are some suggestions: (This means you don't have to take my suggestions>)

Holiday Colors for mood:

1. Use what you have as far as decor and add to it. Whatever, the colors they ae are perfect for your house your family.


2. Plan a theme: This should be the part that is found today. Maybe elf, Maybe Christmas tress, Star light. Then build around.

3. Timeline your day: Keeping kids busy can be difficult. Think about the weather and have a set of additional entertainment if it isn't what you thought. These I call "tricks of the trade". They are different activities or things you can pull out of your bag when things aren't going according to plans. For example board games, dollar store crafts, treats. I'm sure you understand the point I am making.

4. Time Line: Start with the things you have to do. Dinner will be served at 5 pm for example. Grandparents expected to arrive at 2:45 pm Family zoom call at 8:00 pm with these basic things in place you can then fill in the rest as you begin to know what your day will be looking like. This will help you relax. The thing you must remember is an event timeline is different than a family timeline.

Above is a photograph of a planned out theme. I hope this helps you have the best holiday season yet ! Happy Holidays 2020!

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