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Before Reading: San Diego is under COVID 19 rules and regulations. In public you will have to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer when entering or leaving a building, plus social distancing. It is required to stay 6 feet away from others.

I think to myself, what would I want to know when traveling? Honestly, I would want to know if I will get to my destination safely. I would also want to know if it is worth my time and money. If traveling for business I would need to know my anticipated expense. Will I be successful.

If traveling for pleasure I would want to know; what is my budget? Will I have extra money just in case. In case what? You might ask. That what it means... I don't know what "in case" means it means I will have a little extra money "in case" the unexpected happens. I can guarantee any of the questions I am asking. Honestly, I ask all the same questions you want to know when traveling. All I can do is help you prepare. This is my suggestions, take it or not. The choice is yours. MK Pure Diamond Events doesn't force people to do what is written in a blog.

Here are some travel tips:

  1. Check with your bank. Why because if you inform them that you will be traveling out of town. They have a way to add special alerts to your accounts. Suspicious spending. It is good to have a personal relationship with your bankers. They can help you help yourself. I would say have your bank alert on however I have found that traveling alone, it isn't always the best alert to receive in public. (Personal reaction.)

  2. Depending on where you are traveling from and traveling to. Check with the local airport, hotels and my all time favorite to check with is Travel & Visitors Bureau websites. They all can post information about what is happening in their location. The Visitors Bureau, not only offers you information about your destination, it also has discounts on locations and sometimes food and beverage. It is normally paid ads by the business so be smart about your choices. Don't let the beauty of the website fool you. They are in the business of encouraging visitor to spend money in their city, county or state.

  3. Make sure you have the essentials like cords and batteries for your computer, cell phone and electrical devices. Traveling out of the country? Watt converter is essential.

  4. Know the rate of exchange. US dollars = how many dollars where you are traveling. How about the value of a dollar. Is a dollar worth a dollar where you are traveling? Even in the United States a dollar can be worth more than a dollar or less than a dollar depending on the state you're visiting. Is this true? You'll have to do your research now won't you.

5. Last on the list, not least: Don't forget your mask, hand sanitizer, bathroom wipes (flushable sold at Target).

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