Wedding Planner Truths

I often get asked, what does it take to be a wedding planner? Do I need this? Do I need that? What is the truth. Tell all! Well you know how I love to gossip so I will spill my guts.... Here is the truth about my wedding planning experience...

Q: Do I have to be married to be a wedding planner?

A: NO. As a matter of fact it is much better if you are a single white female with red hair (no offense meant) looking to make a name for herself in the industry of endless possibilities.You have endless hours to devote to a never ending business of marriage. When your married couples tend to ask. How long have you been married for. If it is 25 years plus they say! I want a marriage just like yours. When you explain it has taken a lot of understanding and grace to be married this long. They might replay: "We know we have been through it all". How old are you? Then you haven't been through it all.... You finally throw up your hands and tell the bride she can't be in your underwear. You'll be her wedding planner, therapist, budget manager, your underwear cost too much money and she can't afford you!

Q: Do I need a college education?

A: I would highly recommend it. Mainly due to the industry constantly changing and you constantly should be attending education classes on the latest and the greatest. If you can't make it through college, you probably won't last through all the educational seminars we attend. If you'r to cool to say in school. You're probably too cool for this industry.

Q: Do I have to be gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, homosexual, transsexual to become a successful wedding planner.

A: No! This industry is filled with many types of people and since we are human, we are sexual beings. However, like any work place. Discrimination due to sexual orientation is considered illegal. It is illegal for people to ask you if you are any of these things. It's best for you to be your self. Although it is illegal for people to ask you this questions they will.

Q: Will you and your husband go out on a date with me and my fiancé.

A: The answer is. It's up to the individual event planner. However, I made it a policy never to date a client. The reason for this is I get to know my brides and grooms pretty well during the process and it's like taking work home. The spouse gets tired of it after a while, and so does the wedding planner. No offense I understand it your wedding day and your soooo in love and the world is perfect. I don't want to break your perfect world bubble, however this is employment for me. It puts, food, clothing and essentials for in my family to survive. Do you bring home your work after working hours? I love what I do. If our friendship continues after our contractual obligations are over, then I will consider it. Like I said I don't want to break your "In love all is well with the world bubble". Your friends and family will do that after the wedding.

Q: What do you do for "Pride Week" as a wedding planner?

A: What did pride week do for wedding planning? I am not likely to say or go looking for business just because there are "gay people" (is this the correct word) I don't even know anymore words change so often. However, I believe in equality if that is the question you are asking me.

Q: Do I seek a certain type of people to marry?

A: My answer is No. Other people specialize in other things. I choose to work with couples who are or want to get married. I don't look for a certain type of person, color, or sexual orientation. Again that is a form of discrimination. If the law say's you can get married. Then we get the opportunity to interview each other and see if that is something we would like to do. I do have to say, there are many types of wedding ceremonies and some people specialize in certain types of ceremonies and those are called "cookie cutter" ceremonies, where the wedding planner only does the same style wedding over and over again.

Q: What is a "cookie cutter" Wedding Planner?

A: "Cookie Cutter" is where the wedding planner plans the same style wedding over and over again. The brides change, the wedding colors change, the ceremony, the style, the price, the venue, the cake, the flowers, the details all stay the same. This helps the wedding planner know exactly what her cost of doing business is. Gossip has it that MK Pure Diamond Events offers, certain packages. Although the pricing remains the same the details are not the same. There difference is you know exactly how much profit I am making and if you go over or ask for a keg of beer at the last minute, you'll be charged extra for it. I in return for you choosing MK Pure Diamond Events, give you any discounts I may negotiate from the vendors I work with.

Q: Do I need a wedding planner.

A: No! No one needs a wedding planner. Go ahead and DYI your own wedding. No worries. It does not offend MK Pure Diamond Events(MKPDE) offers consulting were I will walk you through the steps of planning your own wedding. Wedding Planners are a luxury items. If you can't afford us don't hire MKPDE. Although, you might not be able to afford not having hiring MKPDE. The choice is yours.

I you'd like to know anything more about the industry of wedding planning contact: ABC Wedding Planning

If you are interested is having MK Pure Diamond Events then use the contact form on the website.

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