Live Changest Traditions of Holiday Experience.

When I think of Christmas I always have a picture that comes to mind. What I have discovered as a wedding, meeting and event planner is that this is a common occurrence.There are some things we all have in common. Whether you grow up in a traditional manner with both parents, or in a non-traditional family with single parent or foster home. You still have some idea of what you would like your holiday to be like. It doesn't have to be the perfect instagram photo or latest image you are presented with.

Ill share with you a few questions I always ask my clients. I hope this helps you have a good holiday.

  1. Know how much money you have to spend. How many guest you will be inviting.

  2. Will the guest need to be fed, a place to sleep and will you be paying for their expenses.

  3. Know exactly what atmosphere decor and experience you want to provide for your guest.

  4. How many guest will determine some of the activities you will be planning.

  5. Will you be zooming this to your friends and family. Plan for the locations, what will be the focal point of the call.

  6. If you spending the holiday‘s along plan enough things to do so you don’t feel sorry for yourself.

Most of all what ever you do. Make sure you can live with the results If things don’t work the way you want them to.

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