Love Strikes-Budget Hits

You've fallen in love and now you are ready to get married. What is it that you plan to do. Covid19 has manipulated you all over the place emotionally and your not sure. Guess what many people feel exactly like you do. That's why Im writing this blog to see if I can help with some of your worries and stress.

  1. Play some calm music in the background as you read this blog.

  2. Get your favorite drink and relax. Light a candle a just think of your wedding day.

I must tell you I understand. I wish I had a fast easy, solution to your worries. The one thing I can say is venues are open for business, therefore it will take some planning if you are not planning on hiring a wedding or event planner.

The average San Diego wedding hasn't gone up in price. I am so proud of how San Diegians are handling, dealing with all the news. We keep trying "To Do" our best for our clients, people and residents of this county. Many of our business are slowly re-opening and starting to serve their people. It is important for you to know that. San Diego Businesses believe in our ability to recuperate and create a productive and healthy lifestyle.

I've devised a worksheet to help you with the budgeting in wedding planning for those of you who want to DYI your wedding. Before you make your plans you can see what your dream or ideal wedding would be verses you planning your wedding at home or in the backyard.

There are two ways you can plan a wedding budget. The first way is to know what your budget is. How much money you have to spend. The second is to find out how much things will cost and then see if you have the money to afford the wedding you want. So I devised a worksheet that allows you to look at both style s and see which is best for you.

The first page is finding out how much the ideal wedding you want will cost. I am all for your fairytale wedding dreams to come true. Even during these times. An ideal wedding is only ideal to the one getting married. It's a time to see what you can create for yourself. It is also a time to see how you both work together to achieve the desired goals. This doesn't mean their won't be obstacles you have to overcome. It means that you can work together and achieve your own dreams.

The second page is to help you work out the difference of how love will strike your budget if you were to do everything at home. The Backyard wedding is not without expenses. You still have many of the same cost. You'll just have to figure out the difference of what this wedding will cost and what it will look like.

The third page is to know exactly what you will be doing. This page will not be used until you are actually planning the wedding. It will help you see your budget exactly as it is and will allow you to understand exactly where the money is being spent.

The goal on using this worksheets is to take the guessing game out of what is happening to the budget. Once you know where you are spending your money and how. The the stress is not as great. This allows the worries to become understood. The more work and understanding the less emotions and tantrums you'll feel like having.

The more you plan out the less you'll have to worry about. The next page is a "To Do" list and who doesn't like a good to do list. Here is where you write down everything you have to do or think you have to do. It's your "brain dump" place.

This one of my favorite pages it is where you can make your selections and the pricing of what you will have chosen. This is the total details of expenses and how it is impacting your budget. The intent is to allow you the knowledge of when and were you will be financially throughout the wedding process.

This is also a favorite. It allows you to have all your contacts in one place. There is a convenience to having contacts in our phone, however this allows you to see which vendors you are working with. Allowing you the freedom to choose who will be in your phone contacts and who will not.

If you would like a copy of these worksheets please feel free to contact MK Pure Diamond Events or leave a comment, use the contact form provided.

I hope that you enjoyed the blog and have a happy, successful wedding, Even if you didn't choose to have MK Pure Diamond Events help you plan it. Wishing you many successful years of marriage in your own fairytale life.

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