Martin Luther King Reflection of Wedding Views told Through Maria Kamon©™

January 18, 2021 is soon approaching. Our thoughts of all the things Martin Luther King fought for are somehow muddled by the things happening today. Covid do I that the injection or not. How soon can I get it. When will political parties stop looking so unappealing as they change offices. I think about all the adults I witness on TV and their need to make a change in the lives of people. To improve the quality of life and I ask…”Are we doing that for each other today?” Regardless of the color of our beings and our religious believes do we really help. Or is it a constant affect that we help some and this hurts others? Although I don’t have the answers and I assured you if I had an answer I would have found a way to use what I know to help everyone live that equal life he talked about. As the judgment scale moves again I began to think about how much this man tried to balance things. How much he knew His sermons fell on deaf ears at times and how that worried him, making him pray more. Calling for God’s help and his presence.

Today, I read over what could have been used at a wedding ceremony he was a provided over. Can’t help myself thinking how much marriage was valued. How much people men and woman were taught never to intercede in the marriage of others. Then I read this sermon, how lovely. I found it to be rather an interesting. Nothing like the ceremony’s today. What’s different? You might be thinking. Here is a list of things I see different between the wedding ceremony.

  1. “The couple builds a legacy together.” He tells them that it is done together.

  2. He share with them there will be times of joy, He uses the words. ’unutterable joy”.

  3. He also share that together they will face “inepressible sorrow”

These three things alone without the rest of the rest of his words explain marriage. It is not perfect. There is no perfect life. What looks beautiful isn’t always beautiful. My favorite part is he then goes on to give them instruction for living out their marriage. Implying that every marriage is different. That marriage isn’t always easy. To not let life or people get involved without instruction. What is it that we think marriage is? I think to myself, what would he have thought of marriages today? How many people realize that marriage isn’t so easy, therefore they choose an alternative? It’s complicated. We love each other we don’t believe in marriage, fearing that sorrow will hit them. Avoidance! The truth their trying to escape is reality in any relationship, married or not.

I listen to couples as they express their love for one another and share these perfectly loving words that they worked months in planning or quote words of poets. Yet I live thinking what a beautiful ceremony and perfect we stayed on the timeline. Everything else in the day will flow according to plan. This is the wedding planners goals for the wedding. To keep things running as they should on time according to the timeline. Martin Luther King’s wedding must have run longer than planned you see, it takes time to share his wisdom, his personal thoughts for the couple. It takes time to care that much to give instructions. If the couples he married received a couple of his words then in difficult times they could referred back to their ceremony vows and thoughts. We knew there would be times like this.

Today, couples receive compliments on how pretty everything looked. Advice from friends and family, guest who attend. Making it a good time for everyone. That’s what my job is to make sure everything goes according to plan so everyone has a good time. That’s the job of a wedding planner to make things look beautiful. That wasn’t Martin Luther King’s job. I was always planning and never thought of what was missing out of some of the wedding I planned until today. I asked my pastor what was the difference in an officiant at a wedding and a preacher, both church weddings. He never explained, he told me I’d figure it out. I now understand the difference between a preacher and an officiant. Then you add the difference between officiant, preacher and a best friend who got their license on-line to marry you. I hope you’ll learn the difference too.

Happy Martin Luther King's always remembered, always appreciated for what he tried to do and teach.

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