Meetings, Events Safety?

I keep asking myself. How and when will I be entering the world of business again. I waited until notified on my Covid vaccination time. Until like many people I just wanted to get it done! Then a business opened up name done. What? Made me laugh, however it's not funny. The truth is I am reading what the industry is recommending. Yes, not just my industry also what the business world is recommending. Non of the things that I am reading is saying go out there and plan big events. Here is an outline of what I have read and the recommendations. Although we are all excited about getting back our lives, I think we are not there yet from what I read.

  1. If you "have to" (never heard those words before) plan an event. Make it small. Allowing people to have plenty of space to walk around people.

  2. Limit the promotional items to a tote bag and pen. (Another thing I thought I would never hear.)

  3. Due to the fact that you are limiting the time the event is happening. Limit the food. Make it food that is well covered and contained. If serving lunch consider box lunches over buffet style. This way people are allowed to pick up their lunch at a convenient time and hopefully reduce the standing in line. You can also place them through the venue allowing there to be more than one service line. Beverages can be served in separate containers such as bottled water, canned or plastic containers. Provide multiple disposal places throughout the venue for recycling and waste disposal.

  4. If your planning a conference consider every other seating in theatre style.

Although the United States isn't completely out of the Covid scare, remember to be safe. Stay safe. Prepare yourself with hand sanitizer and mask. You might have gotten vaccinated that doesn't mean the person next to you has.

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