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Have you seen our New Collection of accessories for this year. I am looking how they all look. From hand bags to jewlery. The @MKPDE Boutique is open for business again. This cute little bag would make the perfect statement with any party, wedding, event you will be attending. If you like diamonds then you will love the look of @MKPDE Boutique. They crystals and the gem stones make you feel like your worth every penny. There is nothing as fun as adding a little bling to your wardrobe.

Now with all the new fashion you can even wear this little bag with a pair of jeans and a cute sweater or blouse. Add a pair of high heals or boots and you will be noticed anywhere you go. Then when your asked about what your wearing you can just smile and say..."What this little old thing." I sure know that I can hook you up with my dealer.

If the first is too much take a look at this little thing. Deck out in pearls, if diamonds aren't your thing. How cute is that! perfect little bag with it's own chain for the evening. you can dance the night away and not worry.

Kick off your shoes and still kept track of your bag if you don't feel safe leaving your presonal items on the table. What I love about these bags is that they are compact enough to fit into a suit case or another bag if you have to travel to your event.

With the holidays beginning, I am choosing items I think will fit any occasion. From parties to formal event these two little bags are perfect. Look at our other accessories to see if any would work with your wardrobe this season.

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