San Diego International Airport Interview

As many now I had the email meeting with San Diego International Airport's employee

Sabrina. She was able to answer many questions about travel today. You can read the answers to the questions I asked or listen on my podcast the choice is yours.

Interview Questions & Answers

Thanks for reaching out, answers to your questions are below. 

1. What do people need to be prepared for? We encourage travelers to visit for useful information to help them prepare for their trip.  You can travel safely by being well-prepared for your trip.

  • Have a clear understanding of your airline’s expectations (e.g., face coverings, temperature checks, and schedule changes) before arriving at the airport.

  • Thank you for wearing a face covering.This is required by the California Department of Public Health.

  • Leave ample time to get to the airport and pass through security. Visit for more information about the security process.

  • Plan for changes in availability and hours at our shops and restaurants. Dining facilities are open and all employees and patrons must comply with social distancing requirements.

  • If picking up a friend or loved one, please note that the cell phone lot is temporarily closed, however, you can wait for 10 minutes at no charge in the terminal parking lots.

  • Practice everyday preventive actions, as stated by the CDC.

2. What should they have on them? Among their personal travel items, a TSA approved form of ID, airline ticket, and a facial covering as this is required while on airport property. 3. Are there vending machines where they can purchase hand sanitizer, mask and  other supplies? Yes, we have vending machines located throughout the terminals. Additionally, many of our concessionaires have items such as masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, etc. for purchase.  4. Do you recommend some hotels more than others? No, as an airport we do not have a recommendation on hotels.  5. Since I plan destination events, I would like to also know if the international travel has opened up. More than just a few people on the plane. Alaska Airlines provides nonstop service to two international destinations currently - Puerto Vallarta and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. All other international flights are suspended due to government restrictions.  6. Congratulations on becoming an international airport vs Lindbergh field...that is a sign change. Will there be directions and distancing standing in the airport. The airport name change from Lindbergh Field to San Diego International Airport in 2003. There are no longer any signage up at the airport that refers to Lindbergh Field, everything says San Diego International Airport. Cheers,  Sabrina LoPiccolo


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