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For the past 6 years I have thought of reopening my store. What do I choose to do? Open it in the worst economy possible. We all are watching it it looms over our head like a bad dream while we act like nothings happening, secretly praying those we love will be alright.

Lost family, who have gone to heavenly places watch and take care of us as we hope. For the longest time I hoped it would STOP. It just continues on and on with no sight of stopping. A child who tells his mother like mine did..."You must go on. You must continue to "Hope". You must believe in a God that is Good" The tears fall from my face. No word of hope fall from my mouth. Then I get asked" What will you do now?" "I don't know! " I answer. "I don't know." He helped me start this business. He believed in me and a woman's right to make a living for herself and her family.

Therefore, I say to you. I am re-opening my store. I will continue my life. The best I can. One day at a time. There is no war in me. I live alone. Only to remember all those who believe who have fought this war.

I will slowly restore the store with the items I think will sell best. To encourage those to continue their fight for HOPE. Fight for your believes even though they may not be mine. My people may not be your people, your people may not be my people and that is Okay for you to know. For the freedom were fighting for may not be your own. Encouge each other. Do what is right. Get married! Have your parties! Do not let the buggie man of horror STOP you! Believers stand up and be counted! Encourage those who follow the rules. Do not let the churches be shut down, no matter what religion. Believe and be counted! Let yourself be known and do not be ashamed or back down cause some hummingbird, wants to do horror or fly in your house. Say STOP, don't, I don't want to be will you. Let his shallow grave be found and those he's trying to take with him know. He can not allure you with his disgrace, his come, he hauler, no one hears his own shame.

Today I open my store with only 2 items. Hair Clips! Tomorrow I'll add more. Then two more the next day and the next day until I am known for a believe in marriage. Love will be counted as greater than the robber that robbed my son of his youth!

Love will prevail in the hearts of our youth. You will not teach them defeat! You will not teach them they are not beautiful. They will learn and be educated and take over our schools. They will teach other the truth and what it means to be you. There is a responsibility to all that has happened.

Today, I open my store with two hair clips tomorrow there will be more. I will be counted as business woman. A believer. A woman with HOPE. I will not let you rob me of all I hope.

He believed in my (woman) right to make a living and support my family. Provide food for her children and a home to live in.

Dusin Kamon Sept.1987-Nov. 2014

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