The Age of Zoom

I have sat at my desk getting ready for a meeting and thinking to myself. "Wow! Do kids have it tough today." Such empathy for them knowing that they would be outside playing and having a good time with friends instead they are having to sit behind a desk and computer. "Talk about peer pressure." I thought as I try to look professional before the meeting. The desk light is too bright as I have the light of the screen and the computer. The ring light cast this ring on my eyes and my glasses. At such young age the apprence of what they look like becomes different. It no longer is about how fast you run or how quick you learn the work one has to worry about how one looks online. How do they ever do it. I am as self conscience about my appearance as I was in school. For what? For whom? Making a good impression in a meeting is as complex as ever. It doesn't matter if your 5 years old or 50. The point is there are some things I discovered.

Here are some things I found helpful:

  1. Clear off your desk. Have the things that you need vs the things you like.

  2. Get yourself a drink of water or beverage of choice.

  3. Firguire out if you will need to take notes. Write dates down etc. (iPad or pencil/pen paper)

  4. Have things you will need close enough, yet far away enough that it is not a distraction. Don't know how you think, but if find when a person is talking the background can become a distraction.

  5. I personally found having the light from iPad, computer, ring light and desk light where too much for my eyes. it was too brings and makes it difficult for reading. This could just be me. However, Im going to check with my obtamistist and see what they think.

  6. School books, look books should be present before you get on like. I also discovered the difference between webinar style learning and conference call. I think when it's many people in a room calling one person or client you have more freedom if something is missing for the presentation another can get the information allowing more rapid input into the computer. Where if it is a presentation the presenter has to have everything handy or near bu. Have to anticipate questions before they happen having presentation ready. If not the meeting has to continue for another time.

  7. This form of presentation if in power point style can also get boring for both presenter and customer.

Therefore, I see the form and style of presentation as a personal choice. MK Pure Diamond Events prefers using other ways to present to client more likely to be used than Zoom. Although, it's nothing against the app. I find other forms of communication better for my business.

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