The Beauty Before Us

Have you ever sat in the sun on a day where the weather is cold and the sun feels warm upon you body. This is one of the things I love the most about San Diego. In the spring this is how it feels. The air is cold, the warmth of the sun comforts even it's finest. In the summer its different. It's so warm that the breeze, the air keeps you feeling like your so thankful you live where you live.

A balanced event. Thats what we hope for. An event that people enjoy themselves, however do not destroy. Sometimes, the guest at weddings, meetings, events miss the beauty before them and try to tear things down. They think that if they somehow make the bride or the groom cry it solves all the problems.They miss the point of it all. There too busy trying to tear things apart.

How does one enjoy something without tearing it apart?

  1. Understand your place. Meaning of the event your attending, remember you are a guest. Hopefully invited.

  2. The business who organize the event, wedding, meeting isn't a partaker in the happenings. They do not party with you unless asked and then normally it is a respectful refusal. The reason for this is they are employed by you. The specifics of employment were all written down.

  3. San Diego has rules and regulations event planners have to follow.

  4. Venues call the police and other professionals if things get too wild.

  5. Try to enjoy the activities and don't allow yourself that moment of jealousy over the person who day it is. Some people what a free ride from the planner. I think those days are over, since government made a mess or was it religion. Depends on who and what you believe in. Eitherway, who you are is important, however not as important as whose event your attending.

  6. Look, listen and speak respectful of the people attending even if you don't think that way. I laugh at this, it's so difficult as woman to think good things of other women, we are socially condition. Don't worry men do the same thing. (Compition attending an event doesn't work very well) After the event you have to throw a bigger better event, that's how you compete. Unless you are planning on doing that, no since in competing.

  7. Enjoy yourself.

  8. Find yourself and a way to see the beauty and you'll have a different perspective and a topic to discuss on the way home.

San Diego, the beauty of the city is all around. While your here you might as well see what we have to offer.

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