The Formality of a Placesetting

What is a formal pacesetting? Why do we set down at a table and set the dishes in a certain order? What is the difference between a formal pacesetting and an informal pacesetting. Since a table setting refers to the way a table is set.

Tableware is an important part of a table. What exactly do you need to know.

  1. Tables have a middle or center.

  2. You can decorate a table.

  3. Formal wear excist for tables.

  4. Informal tables also excist

  5. It is from utensils and placement.

  6. They can be historical, whimsy, decorative, practical, ornate, beautiful, ugly, scary and have characteristics of it's own.

Parts of a table:







Silver Service


The best definitions I have found of place settings is on Wikipedia

However, where it falls short is it can not help you define what you are and what you like. Some people prefer a very formal tableware at their events and other people prefer non-formality. This is where an independent planner varies form a hotel or venue planner. An independent event planner can help define the type of event you would like to plan. MK Pure Diamond Event doesn't have to stick with the traditional vendors a venue planner uses.

We can locate speciality things. Form very formal rentals to very casual rentals. This is what makes us different than a venue / hotel planner. We work with hotel planner, however we are not obligated to sell you any one location. The client comes to us and we step by step help them find what is right for them. Like a dictionary we can define what the different parts of planning a wedding, meeting, event. Whereas, a venue planner will sell you who, what a where and what they have. We take time to locate things you want...for a price of corse. We are independent. This means we do not have an obligetion to any one vendor or venue.

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