The Wind Blew One September

There is a story about the wind and how it blows cold and strong. It doesn’t care about what gets in its way or what the people say is true. The colors it blew where like no others everyone rushed to get the colors of that September.

Yellow, Green, Red with a touch of blue. The air was cold and chilly and you needed your Autumn sweaters. It was getting close to the time the Fire places would have to be burn with fire. The time was starting to be cold and blurry. Making the bride cry out “Where is my Groom?”

There were no brooms to loom and the house grew old and crusty. The bread grew moss that tossed the winters water with colorless and old lady shiver. Yes, chives, not shingles for those are different than the cry that the town’s hear at night. Don’t turn off the candle like the brides would whisper, I cry for the groom who is no Mister.

So let’s look at the colors for this September and you can tell me if they are from the One Who Blew the wind this September. The one who makes the winds cold and old. So get out your get out your Autumn Sweater and light your lanterns and home this winter is not a cold one so you don’t become an old one.

Wedding theme’s that are in season this September 2020.

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