Watch Out Here She Comes

One of the things I enjoy is watching all the. new fashion trends and I love what this person has created. Not only did they attach photographs, they also show that some of the inspirations are things they have already seen. Inspiration from nature, live, living. Glamour through Giambattista Valli professional drawing eyes is worth seeing and cloth worth purchasing.. So much more than just a fashion feed video.

I do want to confess some of their head dressing reminds me of skorneling mask, which makes me want to laugh. Had some good times snorkeling. If you haven't tried it you should. Otherwise, I'd love to live in a world where people dressed like this all the time...Whimsey, flowing, playful style, always in style to be female. Giambattista Valli captured the dreaminess of what it means to be female.

Casual wear society vs formal wear society. I write this as I sit at my desk in a pair of leisure wear and a tiedie blouse. What is more comfortable for "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Leisure wear.

This ........ "Stay Home, Stay Safe" has cramped my style. How's yours holding up? As I dream of a future I think Giambattista Valli is one I'd like to purchase fashion from. Keep and eye on the designer dresses that will be wearable for your next meeting, wedding or event.

Take a look at this and leave a comment.

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